Developer, Investor and Operator of Green Hydrogen Value Chain Projects

Destiny Energy Pte Ltd.

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We are

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Creating a paradigm shift in the energy transition

Developers And Investors

Green Hydrogen Value Chain Projects Investment utilising Technology and Human Resources


Energy Transition Enablers

Developing Responsible and Sustainable Projects

Destiny Vision, Mission and Values

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Integrating renewable energy Solutions with ESG attributes for Sustainable and Social Impact Investment


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Driving Social Capital investment based on “Triple Bottom Line” Concept

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Shaping the energy transition through integration of IoT, AI and Blockchain into a Sustainable Distributed Energy Architecture

Genesis of Destiny Energy

Developer, Investor of Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, Green Methanol and Micro-Grid Projects
  • Destiny Energy is a Singapore home-grown Energy Transition company promoted by energy industry veteran Vijay Sirse
  • Entrepreneur, innovator, new technology incubator and investor and has founded and run successful energy companies in Singapore
  • The companies which Vijay promoted were in the forefront of technology innovations and disruptive business models across the electricity value chain by providing all-inclusive energy management solutions, on both demand and supply sides i.e., electricity demand management, electricity retail | solar (conventional C-Si / Organic PV thin film) battery storage | electric vehicle charging stations | Fuel Cells and micro-grid projects
  • 42+ years of international experience in the niche energy sector, helming senior management roles with global energy players such as
    Globeleq | Coastal Corp/ El Paso Energy USA | ABB and | vTrium Energy Singapore Group Companies – Red Dot Power / Red Dot Renergy / REVO Charge
  • Excellent innovative skills coupled with disruptive technology incubation have helped Vijay to create an integrated sustainable energy solutions company Destiny Energy

Destiny Energy – Track Record


1980-1998: Extensive energy sector experience with power utilities, ABB and Coast Corp USA

1998 – CEO of Bangladesh IPP: Country’s 1st IPP (1998) development, construction, financing and operation in Bangladesh
2002 – Director of Indonesian IPP: One of the 1st round IPPs implementation in Indonesia

Korea / India

2010 – Advisor to Korea power utilities. 1st Korean investor equity placement in two IPPs in India


  • 2009 onwards – Worked closely with government authorities since 2010 on the electricity liberalization process
  • 2010 – 1st to implement a Demand Response project
  • 2015 – 1st to implement an Organic PV Solar thin films for façade solarization
  • 2016 – 1st to start electricity retailing as an independent retailer
  • 2016 – One of the 1st Market Makers in Singapore Electricity Futures Market
  • 2017 – Led market opening of Grid scale ESS Battery Storage deployment in Singapore
  • 2018 – 1st to introduce and implement an IoT cloud based cutting edge eV Charging Stations infrastructure
  • 2018 – 1st to integrate solutions across supply and demand side of electricity value chain
  • 2020 onwards – Developer & Investor of Solar, BESS, Micro-Grids, Green Hydrogen / Green Ammonia Value Chain Projects

Strategic Partnerships


Vijay Sirse is a visionary with solid energy industry experience. Destiny Energy founded by Vijay is a great platform for investors, developers and managers in the energy sustainability solutions across the energy value chain. I wish Vijay a great success.

Rajpal Chaudhury

Partner Ampyr Energy and AGP Group

Vijay Sirse is a market disruptor, innovator and new technology solutions provider. Destiny Energy is well poised to achieve greater heights in the sustainability solutions integrating cutting edge digital solutions and physical energy assets. I wish Vijay and his team at Destiny Energy a very best.

Krishna Ramachandra

Managing Director NEwON Energies

I know Vijay for several years now. Quite simply, he is a pioneer in the domain of energy innovations. His strength lies in the fact that he has an excellent balance of in-depth technical knowledge and keen business acumen. This allows him to venture into new territory and disruptive solutions with greater success. We look forward to growing our partnership with Destiny Energy.

Rohan Rawte

Director IESVE Singapore, Operational Board Member IES Ltd UK

Vijay Sirse and his team at Destiny Energy are the only ones I've seen who can understand and grasp the opportunity from day one, fully understanding the complex ecosystem of hydrogenewables and the energy ecosystem. Vijay has extremely strong experience of the full value chain and is willing to join you in the trenches to dig out the right pathways for connecting the required pieces. It's been a huge pleasure to work with him for the past year.

Marek Alliksoo

Founder and CEO of SKYCORP Technologies, Estonia