about us

Destiny Energy – Track Record


  • Worked closely with government authorities since 2010 on the electricity liberalization process
  • 1st to implement a Demand Response project
  • 1st to implement an Organic PV Solar thin films for façade solarization
  • 1st to start electricity retailing as an independent retailer
  • One of the 1st Market Makers in Singapore Electricity Futures Market
  • vLed market opening of Grid scale ESS Battery Storage deployment in Singapore
  • 1st to introduce and implement an IoT cloud based cutting edge eV Charging Stations infrastructure
  • 1st to integrate solutions across supply and demand side of electricity value chain


  • CEO of Bangladesh IPP: Country’s 1st IPP (1998) development, construction, financing and operation in Bangladesh


  • Director of Indonesian IPP: One of the 1st round IPPs implementation in Indonesia
Korea / India


  • Advisor to Korea power utilities. 1st Korean investor equity placement in two IPPs in India

Founder – Social Activities

  • Vijay Sirse devotes some of his time to participate in social / charity works, few of such examples are as below:
  • Participating Philanthropist in few Singapore’s charities
  • 2013: Sponsor & Participant (as a Driver) in 1200KM Tuk Tuk ride from Chennai to Goa in India and raised SGD80,000 for two charity houses in India and Singapore
  • 2015 and 2017: Sponsor & Participant (as a Driver) in 1200KM Tuk Tuk rides from Jaffna to Colombo in Sri Lanka and raised SGD350,000 (2015) and SGD450,000 (2017) for two Charity houses in Sri Lanka and Singapore including a Village RO Water Plant
  • Periodic lunch sponsor for old-age inmates of Institute of Mental Health Singapore
  • 2017: Sponsored a complete solar PV installation with battery solution for electrification of a remote village in Sri Lanka