Founder CEO Message

Dear friends,

Destiny Energy is making good progress in its development of solar + green hydrogen + green methanol project in Estonia. This is one of the many projects that Destiny Energy has in its pipeline in Estonia and SE Asia. 

Happy to announce our first international equity investment in an Estonian Hydrogen powered Drone Technology Company, SKYCORP. This is first in a series of investments that Destiny Energy would be making in the Green Hydrogen Value Chain Projects in Estonia.

Destiny Energy is a entrepreneurship lead developer, investor, owner and operator of Green Hydrogen and renewable energy projects

The world is witnessing a significant energy transition with more and more distributed energy resources into the overall energy mix. Thus disrupting the traditional energy delivery and consumption business models. The rise of prosumer class of energy generators and users at the point of load is making the hub and spoke energy architecture obsolete. Further, the emphasis on digitalization and decarbonization of the energy value chain is leading to a paradigm shift in how we generate power and use it.

Green Hydrogen is shaking the foundation of the age-old fossil fuel dominance and opening up massive opportunities in decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industries, transportation, power generation and marine.

Hydrogen is emerging as the world’s pre-eminent energy resource and the industry is expected to generate at least $700 billion of investments by the end of the decade

Decarbonisation of the eV charging stations end-to-end carbon footprint is becoming critical. Destiny Energy is offering off-grid power supply to eV Charging Stations which is produced with cutting edge solar-to-hydrogen-to-green power integrating electrolyser and fuel cell technologies. The off-grid solution improves the grid resiliency by eliminating the intermittent load on the grid and taking away the need for costly battery storage installations for grid balancing.

Microgrid solution is the another vertical of Destiny Energy to meet the energy needs of the vast majority of the un-served population and also to take the diesel out of the equation for off-grid applications.

Urban energy solutions is becoming more critical with major focus on sustainability. The integration of renewable energy technologies in cities faces various challenges, including policy, regulatory, aesthetic design and urban planning barriers. Cities are increasingly relevant to climate change mitigation and adaptation, not only because of their high contribution to carbon emissions, but importantly because of their large potential to mitigate emissions of all kinds – as well as the rising need to build climate-resilient urban infrastructure for the future. Integrating renewable energy technologies into local energy systems has become part of the transformative action that is needed to realize such potentials. Destiny Energy is the Energy Planner for the city and urban environment and works with spatial city development planners.


Vijay Sirse / Founder CEO