hydrogen solutions

Hydrogen is the future for addressing the climate change challenges.

The Energy Transition Holy Grail: If we have to call that one aspect as a holy grail of the energy transition and that is co-located renewable energy and green hydrogen value chain. This coupling addresses following key issues:

  1. Transmission constraints in evacuating the renewable energy to the load centers
  2. Optimal utilization of renewable energy production capacity
  3. Creating a much better value proposition in terms of increased and sustained power sale revenues
  4. Enabling significant production of green hydrogen
  5. Facilitating down stream green hydrogen utilization value chain by further co-locating green ammonia and e-methanol production eliminating the biggest logistics challenge in transporting the green hydrogen

Destiny Energy is the developer and investor of green hydrogen value chain projects and is currently engaged in projects in Malaysia, Africa, Estonia and India towards achieving this all important aspect of the energy transition.

Policy makers continue to support hydrogen in the energy transition, from the $369bn allocated in the US to climate and energy proposals, through the Inflation Reduction Act, EU approval of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) for the hydrogen value chain and announcement of a European Hydrogen Bank.

Happy to collaborate with electrolyzer technology companies, hydrogen end users and investors who share the same vision to embark on this exciting energy transition journey.