Destiny Energy is making good progress in its development of solar + green hydrogen + green methanol project in Estonia. This is one of the many projects that Destiny Energy has in its pipeline in Estonia and SE Asia. 

Destiny Energy, the Singapore based energy company is emerging as a leading developer and investor in the green hydrogen value chain eco-system in Estonia, the Baltics. The current pipeline of projects under development are structured as fully integrated solar to green hydrogen to green methanol projects, a first of its kind approach contributing towards Estonia’s decarbonization efforts.

Methanol is a well-known fuel that ship operators can deploy today to reduce pollutant emissions and set themselves on a path to carbon neutrality. Methanol engines, fuel supply technology and bunkering solutions are commercially available today.

Methanol is suitable for a wide range of shipping applications, including cruise ships, inland waterway bulk transport vessels, short-sea container ships, ferries, short-sea tankers, deep-sea container vessels and general cargo vessels. Methanol is available at over 120 ports worldwide and shipped globally.

Stay tuned in for more exciting news as we make progress not just in Estonia but in the SE Asia region.